The Basic Book

Celebrating 150 Years of Haviland China - Click Here for enlargement

This is the basic Haviland book published by HCIF.

  •  History of the manufacture of Haviland Porcelain
  •  Dining with Haviland
  •  Presidential China: Haviland at the White House
  •  Decorating techniques
  •  Terra cotta and stoneware
  •  Blanks and decorator marks
  •  List of artists employed by Haviland
  •  Dates of some shapes and patterns
  •  Extensive bibliography

    The book focuses on porcelain and pottery on display from the private collections of members of Haviland Collectors International Foundation at the 1992 Villa Terrace Exhibition in Milwaukee. This 84-page soft cover book shows many exquisite patterns, and includes extensive information on backmarks. This delightful volume preserves an important exhibition and provides a wealth of information for the collector, dealer or historian of Haviland china. The best book from HCIF with which to begin your pursuit of Haviland knowledge.


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